As most of us know the tag has been finding its way into many posts; often it is auto-suggested. This tag is redundant. It is like placing a tag on a Stack Overflow question.

This is a follow-up post after having discussions in chat with @JNat.

We came up with a remedy for this issue that we would like to present to the community:

  • Create a synonym tag for tag and merge the two tags, resulting in only the tag being allowed to be used.

As commented by @JNat:

Creating a synonym for a tag prevents the "source" tag from being used, and any time a user tries to use it the system will automatically remap it to the "target" tag — for that to work retroactively, we'd need to merge the tags

@JNat also asked if perhaps the questions that have tag made more sense with "related" synonyms such as , , , etc. If this was the case then our approach at solving this issue would be different. However, after reviewing the 261+ questions with the tag, I do not think this is the case - none of these questions had the context of a related tag.

If we can get confirmation that creating one synonym: and not multiple related synonyms is the way to solve this issue, then we will go ahead, create the synonym and merge the tag with .

  • Is it possible to fully remove the tag? And stop it auto suggesting.
    – Nuke Mod
    Aug 15, 2022 at 23:28
  • For reference, moderators can use the tag merge tool to rename a tag without having to previously create the new name of the tag; just click "Merge" on the original tag's page, then type the new name for the tag, optionally choose whether you want to have the original tag name remain as a synonym of the new tag, and complete the "merge". (If that is, of course, what you decide to do.)
    – V2Blast StaffMod
    Aug 26, 2022 at 21:33
  • @DanShields: If you do end up renaming the tag in this way, there's a checkbox to choose whether or not the original tag name should remain as a synonym of the new tag. If the original tag name is causing problems (e.g. misuse of the tag on irrelevant questions), then not having it remain as a synonym may be the better solution; if you do keep substrate-node around as a synonym of node, then anyone who types substrate into the Tags field will see the [node] tag as a suggested tag.
    – V2Blast StaffMod
    Aug 26, 2022 at 21:35

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I have removed all 376+ uses of the [substrate-node] tag. According to the documentation, if a tag is not used in 24 hours the tag is automatically deleted.

It has been over 24 hours, the [substrate-node] tag no longer exists.

Hopefully this resolves the issue.

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