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Should we encourage or discourage social & community focused questions?

As a substrate dev, what are the most exciting podcasts you're listening to right now? is an illustrative example of such a post. This is opinion based, and at least as it stands now, as I see it, ...
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Better support for parachain-specific questions

As the ecosystem is expanding, I am starting to see more parachain-specific questions appear on SE. For example: How to use XCM/P with solidity? Moonbeam => Crust Network Storage Order How can we ...
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Rust questions in this SE?

Substrate and Polkadot is very rust centric. People working with those need to know Rust. That naturally leads to people asking questions that are mostly about Rust. To be clear, questions that are ...
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Should we be encouraging parachain specific questions on this site?

It seems reasonable that statemint and encointer common good parachains' questions should be on this site. Should we be encouraging other parachain teams to ask questions and answers here? I know the ...
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Should general troubleshooting questions be allowed on the Substrate StackExchange?

I often see people writing very unspecific questions in the form of "I did this and an error occurred, here are some logs, please help me". Should these types of questions be allowed on this ...
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What kinds of questions should be asked in Substrate StackExchange?

Having a Substrate StackExchange is awesome, but I still have the question about what kinds of questions should be asked here? For example, a development related question about the use of Substrate ...
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