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Substrate's private beta will be extended until April 7th [duplicate]

As was outlined in this post, this site failed to meet the type of activity and engagement we expect successful and healthy communities to have met during their 2–4 weeks in the private beta phase. ...
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Should we change the name of this site to Polkadot?

The original discussion for the Substrate site's finalized name was held here. There, we already had some discussion and conflict around the inclusion of "Polkadot" in the description of the ...
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Leaving Private Beta, and Initial Pro-Tem Moderator Election!

Congratulations! You've met the participation and engagement expectations for an active private beta site, and will be moving into public beta on 21 April! While the gap between announcing that a site ...
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Site renaming, and next steps for defining target audience and scope

In this discussion surrounding whether the site should be renamed to Polkadot, y'all appear to have reached a consensus: that the site URL be kept, but the name changed to Substrate and Polkadot. With ...
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Closure Notice — Unfortunately, Substrate will NOT advance from private beta [duplicate]

UPDATE: Given the information uncovered in this answer and the comment discussion underneath it — particularly, the fact the the email we send to committers once the site enters private beta is ...
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What kinds of questions should be asked in Substrate StackExchange?

Having a Substrate StackExchange is awesome, but I still have the question about what kinds of questions should be asked here? For example, a development related question about the use of Substrate ...
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2022 Community Moderator Election Results

Moderator election #1 on Substrate and Polkadot has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderators are: They will be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank them for ...
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Close vote reviews are not triggered

The question Hello World. Can you see this question? got some close votes very early on, but an hour later it still hasn't appeared in the close review queue. Normally, this happens about fifteen ...
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What to do with non-reproducible unanswered questions?

As of time of writing this, there are 250+ stale, unanswered questions. It is fair to note that some of these unanswered questions are still genuine and valuable questions. They simply have not been ...
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